Who are you?

Hi! I'm Melody! Originally from California, moved to Hawaii, then set out on a six-month solo backpacking journey all over SE Asia! I've come across countless blogs that have helped me plan my travels. Through the Bamboo is my platform to share my experiences with you; from detailed itineraries to destination must-do's. I hope my blog will help you as much as the blog community has helped me. Now, get out there and explore this beautiful world we live in!

What's with the Bamboo?

Have you ever been in a forest full of bamboo so tall you can barely see the sky above you? It's such a magical place to stand with your eyes closed as you surround yourself with giants that click and clank in the wind. Every bamboo forest I've has ever been in has always led me to the most epic destinations. Whether the journey is through a narrow valley to a secluded waterfall or scaling a skinny mountain ridge that overlooks the sea; if it starts with bamboo, you may be on your way to somewhere beyond your wildest imagination. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride!