How to ball out in Vegas, the right way!

It's no secret that Las Vegas is the entertainment capital of the world. Las Vegas, AKA Sin City, is a place where people win big and spend bigger. So, where do you start?

Spend the night in a luxurious Skyloft at the MGM Grand

With a million and one hotels and resorts, how do you choose? Well, it really depends what you're looking for. If you're looking for luxurious, classic, & contemporary, look no further than MGM Grand. The MGM is the single largest hotel in the US with over 6,000 guest rooms, suites, lofts, and villas. I had the pleasure of experiencing girls weekend in their glamourous two-bedroom Skyloft. This particular Skyloft sits on the top floor of the hotel with panoramic views of the city and offered two bedrooms, three bathrooms, a jacuzzi, three large living spaces, two dining tables, surrounded sound system, and a game room. You think that was it? Not even close. You also get your own elevator up separate from the general public & your very own 24/7 butler on speed dial. Anything you need. Birthday cake? On the way. Bottle of grey goose? Coming right up (Of course at an additional charge, but hey! You don't even have to leave your room!). So you're probably thinking well damn, how much does it cost to live like a queen nowadays?! The Skylofts can go for as low as $1,000/night to as high as $3,000/night.

The luxurious two-bedroom Skyloft @ The MGM Grand

Game room in the skyloft

upstairs hallway between two bedrooms

Amazing service and amenities provided by personal butler & concierge.

Eat at the almighty Bacchanal Buffet @ Ceaser's Palace

Voted #1 best buffet in Vegas by USA Today, it's no understatement that every self-proclaimed foodie must go to Bacchanal. Sometimes it can take hours to get a seat! It's best to strategize by coming at off-peak times. My favorite time to go is about an hour before dinner starts so you still pay the lunch price but are still in prime time eating mode when they start serving the dinner entrees. The amazing food presentation and upscale setting provide a luxurious atmosphere for its patrons starting as low as $38 lunch and $54 for dinner.

best part of the buffet, crab!

Such gorgeous food presentation

Pop bottles @ the one and only Hakkasan Nightclub

So you've checked into your gorgeous Skyloft and are now in a food coma from Bacchanal buffet. You have a few hours to rest before you gets all glitz and glam for a night out in the town. One of my favorite clubs is just a short elevator ride downstairs, Hakkasan at MGM! One of the main reasons I love this club is because it is really big and has two dance floors: one for the main room which usually plays Top 40 & EDM, the other room is hip-hop (my kind of jams!). With some of Hakkasan's resident DJ's including Calvin Harris, Tiestö, Hardwell, & Steve Aoki, you are sure to have a good time!

Tiesto shutting it down on the main dance floor

Dancing the night away at our table in the hip-hop room

There are tons of ways to take Vegas, these happen to be my favorite. Tell me your favorite way to ball out in Sin City!