Best hikes on Oahu! Waterfall edition: Makaua Falls

Soo many people ask me about my hikes so I decided to share a series of posts that reveal my favorite hikes on Oahu, how to get to them, and what you can expect on them.

Before we start, *DISCLAIMER* Please know that all hikes are entered at your own risk. Some are dangerous and some are even illegal. Always remember to hike with a buddy, bring enough food and water, and have enough time to hike out before the sun sets. Now that we got that out of the way, let’s begin! This is my waterfall edition. I like different waterfall hikes for different reasons. Some are super fun because they have rope swings, others are very tall and amazingly gorgeous. I will rate each hike on a difficulty level of 1-10, one being easy and 10 being difficult.

#1 Makaua Falls— This is my absolute favorite waterfall hike because the journey to the falls is insanely gorgeous. It feels like a magical jungle there. I rate the difficulty of this a level 6 out of 10 because you need to scale up short vertical waterfalls, hop slippery rocks, and climb sketchy dead tree trunks that may break on you any minute. For this hike, you’ll enter an unmarked trail at the end of Hauula Homestead Rd. in Hauula. Continue on the obvious path and don’t veer to left when you see pink ribbon (this leads up to the ridge, a whole different trail); instead, stay straight/right at the fork. Eventually, you’ll reach a stream. That’s a good sign. You’ll basically follow the water all the way to the falls. When you reach the short waterfall, you gotta climb up about two or three of them. This means you're almost there. When you get to the end, be careful. It is a hot spot for rock slides. How else do you think all those giant boulders got there? SAFETY TIP: All gulches like this are prone to flash floods. While you're on this hike, occasionally scan the environment for escape routes to higher ground in the event of an unexpected flood. Although it may be nice weather where you are, it's always rainy in the mountain tops. Enjoy! (Expect 2-4 hours; out and back)

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