Accommodation Review: Le Village Hostel

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Prior to my journey overseas, I spent countless hours on Hostelworld and AirBNB. I searched the areas I knew I'd be staying, read hundreds of reviews, and favorited the accommodations that I felt were clean, safe, and that fit in my budget. Here's where I stay at in Moalboal, Cebu, Philippines.

While in Moalboal, I decided to spend two nights at Le Village Hostel. With a rating of 7.2 out of 10 and a cost of $6.76/night, I was in. After a long 12 hour journey from Manila to Moalboal, we arrived around 8pm. It was rainy and dark and we we're starving. Our tricycle ride pulls right in front of Le Village Hostel where we saw a group of 7-8 people chillin on the lanai drinking beer. Chill vibes. We walk through the front door and into the hallway where the owner, JJ, was in the reception waiting to us check-in. She greeted us with a big smile and lots of laughs. After a long day of traveling, she was exactly what we needed. Check in went really smooth thanks to JJ.

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We had four bunk beds in our room for a total of eight people. The room was very spacious and clean. Each bunk had an outlet that fits two plugs. You get one pillow and one sheet. The room didn't have AC but it had two large fans hanging and rotating from the ceiling that worked very well. 

There were two bathrooms and two showers. Although we did not have hot water (cold showers!), both were nice and clean. Sometimes the bathroom didn't have toilet paper, but if you just ask a staff member, they will kindly give you a roll.

Upstairs, there was a big area; however, it didn't have furniture to lounge in. It seemed to be used mostly for hang drying laundry. It would be cool if there were hammocks up there. Maybe it is in the works and coming soon?

Outside, there was two sides to a good size community area to meet others staying at the hostel as well. Met lots of cool people from all over the world. Both nights were sold out so JJ gets a lot of business out there in Moalboal.

Wifi is included but very spotty, at best. I bought a Philippines SIM card when I landed in Manila (500 pesos for 7-days unlimited data) so I mostly used that. I found wifi to connect in the middle of the night. My body was still adjusting to the time zone so I've been waking up at 3am nightly, only to find pretty speedy internet! Whoo! If you really need internet, I found a small Internet cafe down the street (five minute walk out the door and to the left), that was one hour for $0.80. It worked very well!

There are no lockers provided so I'd recommend to have a lock so you can perhaps lock your backpack closed. While I went out canyoneering, JJ let me keep my stuff in her reception area. I still locked my zippers closed and everything was there when I came back later that day.

Location of Le Village Hostel was great! The area felt very safe and it was a short 10 minute walk to the beach & places to eat (exit the front door, turn left, and walk down to the corner). It was at this beach that we swam with hundreds of thousands of little fishy friends! We rented a snorkel and mask for $3 (if not sold out, rent a snorkel and mask from JJ for just $2!) from the second dive shop from the corner. They have a back exit where we entered the beach (just to the right of the pier), that's where the sardines swim! Plenty of tricyclist and habel habel's passing through if you need a ride to the Main Street.

Overall, I would highly recommend JJ's Le Village Hostel. Yes, the accommodations were clean and safe, but mostly bc of JJ! She was so nice, friendly, and welcoming. She is from nearly island Bohol, has been operating Le Village Hostel for about one year, and recently opened up her restaurant and bar (which is directly across the street) about six months ago. She works everyday and every time I saw her she had the biggest smile on her face. She loves meeting people. If I ever find my self back in Moalboal, I will stay with JJ.