Accommodation Review: Sharky Hostel

Prior to my journey overseas, I spent countless hours on Hostelworld and AirBNB. I searched the areas I knew I'd be staying, read hundreds of reviews, and favorited the accommodations that I felt were clean, safe, and fit in my budget.

Sharky Hostel was known to be the closest accommodation to the whale sharks (and it was!). At $6/night for a mixed room, sooo in! The office isn't open 24/7, so if you plan to arrive later than 9/10pm, you must call them and let them know. We arrived pretty late, close to 10pm. We called and Grace said that was fine, she waited for us. When we got there, she knew our names because we were the only ones not checked in yet lol! Even though it was late, Grace was so nice and welcoming. We paid for our night up front, she showed us our room, and shortly knocked out. We noticed there wasn't many people outside socializing but the whole place was sold out. That was fine bc we had an early 5am wake up call for the whale sharks, as did pretty much everyone else staying at the Hostel. Perhaps that's why it seemed like a sleepy Hostel.

  • The room was big and spacious. Four bunks, eight beds total, very clean.

  • We had lockers provided, just use your own lock.

  • Bathroom & shower nice and clean.

  • Safe hostel and surrounding area.

  • Wifi included but again, pretty much non-existent. I couldn't even get a connection in the middle of the night.

  • Location was PRIME!!! A short 30-second walk from my room to the whale shark orientation deck. This was key. 5am wake up call for 6am orientation. We were pretty much the first ones there. Grace and the Sharky team collected the $20 payment ahead of time which saved a lot of time when we got there.

After the orientation, the whale shark team says, "kindly proceed to the payment station or proceed with your guide." There were hundreds of people. I can only imagine having to all rush to a payment station if our payment wasn't already made. Since Sharky took care of it all, we went straight form orientation to our boat. We were nearly the first boat out! Yes!

I would highly recommend Sharky Hostel to anyone visiting Oslob to swim with the whale sharks. Sharky takes care of everything and makes sure you are well taken care of.

Lots or restaurants and shops right across the street. Very close to the bus stop of the main road. Closest ATM is 15 minute tricycle ride to next town. Money exchange right next door.

I had told some of the Sharky staff that I was planning to take the overnight ship to Leyte island, where some of them happened to be from! So they gave me great instructions on how to get to the ship pier, when to leave Oslob in order to get to the pier in time, how much I should expect to pay, and details of the ship. The entire staff including Grace and owner mama Zeny was so nice and friendly. Would definitely come back!