2GO Travel boat review: Coron to Manila

Manila to Puerto Princesa to El Nido to Coron, now it’s time to go back to Manila. But how? A quick 15-hour overnight ship ride with 2GO Travel!

I bought my ticket on http://travel.2go.com.ph. It cost $36.42 from Coron to Manila.

There are three strict security guidelines:
1. Bring government issued ID/passport
2. Bring the credit card you bought the ticket with
3. Bring a print out of the ticket form WITH a copy of the ID & credit card.

Bring all of these and you will not have a problem.

We were scheduled to depart at 4:30pm. Somewhere on the ticket said to be there four hours prior to departure, uh HELL to the NO am I waiting my ass for four hours. Another spot said boarding closes 30 minutes to departure; so one hour prior is ample time. Although when I arrived, there were over a hundred people in the waiting room and we didn’t even start boarding until closer to 5pm. Filipino time. It’s a thing.

The ship was exactly as I imagined it to be. Nice and big, lots of space, beds for sleep, and to my surprise a lounge area and bar!

You can get a sheet and pillow case from the check-in counter for free, you just have to leave an ID or passport.

They also feed you dinner (if your ticket says it is included)! It’s not much but they do have a counter that you can buy more food at if you wish. They line can get pretty long.

You just have to present your boarding ticket and they will mark your free meal off. I found a little loophole. To the side of the long food line, there is another staff member with the same dinner basket. He was selling chicken kabobs for 25 pesos ($0.50usd). If you bought a kabob, he will give you the kabob and the same dinner that everyone was in line for. Deal! I got an extra kabob and skipped the long line. Score!

The ride was quiet pleasant. a little choppy around 8/9pm but once I fell asleep I didn’t feel a thing.

Lots of families, children, locals, and backpackers on the ship. I felt very safe. Overall, I would recommend traveling to/from Coron and Manila via 2GO travel. Very affordable, comfortable, and even gets rid of one night accommodation since you wake up and are at your destination already!