Accommodation Review: Just Inn

I booked a private room at Just Inn via the AirBNB app for $23/night. A nice, clean inn just outside of the main streets of El Nido. The location was not the closest; however, it was just a quick 3-minute tricycle ride to the main street.

The bed was comfortable and came with a mosquito net; though I did not have a problem with mosquitos in the room at all. There was no AC but they do provide a fan which worked well.

The bathroom was OK-clean but they do provide toiletries and towels.

There was a small sitting area outside of each room. You can have breakfast there and dry your laundry as well.

There was a little dining area on the 2nd floor where I enjoyed my breakfast as I watched the hustle and bustle of the locals go by on their tricycles. 

The breakfast wasn’t the best. I mean, I’ve had better, but hey it was free (or I should say, included). I had Longonisa, rice, a banana, and coffee.

Security 10
cleanliness 9
location 8
value 8
staff 8
overall 8

I’d rate Just Inn an overall 8 out of 10. It was a great stay but pretty pricy. $23/night in The Philippines is a lot. I booked Just Inn via AirBNB app. Usually I book a hostel but there were no hostels shown on Hostelworld app and showed most accommodations were booked up so I felt I had to book something quick. When I got to El Nido, there were tons of local homestays and hostel-like places that weren’t shown online. If you are budget conscious (like me), I would recommend to wait until you physically get to El Nido to find something more budget friendly. I met a guy who did just that, found something when he arrived. He ended up staying in a locals personal home which was situated atop a mini mart in the heart of El Nido. All for a fraction of the price I paid for my private room at Just Inn.