Accommodation Review: BKNY (El Nido)

I booked a private room at BKNY via AirBNB app for $41/night. It was a bit pricey, a lot more than I’d rather spend, but I happened to come during a busy time and 84% of accommodations in El Nido seemed to have been booked up so this was the cheapest I could find. Little did I know that the room I booked was going to be amazing.

I was in room F which was a queen size bed with an upstairs loft that had three twin size beds! Granted it was just me during my three nights at BNKY, there was a whole upstairs area that went untouched.

The room came with a private bathroom that had hot water. The drain in the shower area didn’t work very well; the ground was installed unevenly so the water would stand in certain areas. 

The location of BKNY was great; just off a quiet back room in the main area of El Nido, a short four-minute walk to the main beach. I like to be walking distance to the main area because when I go out at night, I feel it is safer and I don’t have to spend any money on transportation.

There seemed to be some renovations going on so there was a bit of construction during my time there. The front was a little hard to find from the street, but once you saw it and walk into the complex it was really nice.

They provided towels but no other toiletries. Also, a light breakfast is included:

security 10
cleanliness 9
location 9
value 9
staff 10
overall 9

I’d rate BKNY an overall 9 out of 10. It was a great stay. But like I said in my Just Inn review, $41/night in The Philippines is a lot. I booked BKNY via AirBNB app. Usually I book a hostel but there were no hostels shown on Hostelworld app for El Nido. When I got to El Nido, there were tons of local homestays and hostel-like places that weren’t shown online. If you are budget conscious (like me), I would recommend to wait until you physically get to El Nido to find something more budget friendly.