Hoi An: My Favorite Town in Vietnam

Oh Hoi An, such a beautiful little town. Quaint, romantic, full of genuine charm & authentic Vietnamese hospitality.

Hoi an is in central Vietnam; a cute little town with tons of activities to enjoy. You can stroll through the little city of ancient town, take a bike ride out in the countryside, or sunbath by the ocean.

ancient town

Hoi An has everything, including the best food! There are some foods in the area that are specialty to Hoi An including Cao Lau, White Rose, and the best Banh Mi’s of all time.

1. Cao Lau

Cao Lau is a semi wet Noodle bowl with sliced cooked pork and bits of deep fried pork skin. It is a sweet mixture and very filling. Almost all restaurants in Hoi An offer Cao Lau. I had my Cao Lau at a typical street vendor between the Japanese Bridge and the river front. It was super yummy!

cau lao
cau lao stand

2. White Rose

White rose is a dumpling like dish made of shrimp paste and rice paper topped with green onion, roasted garlic & onions. It was my absolute favoriteeeee! Also offered by nearly all restaurants in ancient town, I had my white rose in the Central Market.

white rose

3. Banh Mi

Hoi An is arguable known to be the home of Banh Mi’s. With the Queen & Banh Mi Phuong within one mile of each other and tons of lesser known Banh Mi stands between them, it’s definitely a competition. I tried both Queen and Phuong. Although a very close tie, I vote The Queen as best Banh Mi! I mean, look at them!

The Queen Banh Mi

The Queen Banh Mi

Banh My Phuong

If you visit Vietnam, be sure to have Hoi An on you list of places to visit. And when you get to Hoi An, don’t make the mistake of not trying each of these three Hoi An delicacies. ENJOY!

hoi an man
japanese bridge


DAY 1: $21
$10 homestay (private room)
$0 breakfast included
$1 bicycle rental
$2 dinner
$2 ice cream
$6 one-time old town entrance fee

DAY 2: $102
$10 homestay (private room)
$0 breakfast included
$1 bicycle rental
$5 lunch
$4 dinner
$82 tailor (I got two dresses and a swim suit tailor made! A treat yoself expense)

DAY 3: $21
$10 homestay (private room)
$0 breakfast included
$1 bicycle rental
$5 lunch
$3 dinner
$2 old Vietnamese house tour