How Instagram played a big part in my move to Hawaii

Like I said in my 'about me' page (you read that, right?), I moved to Hawaii not knowing a soul. Well, how do you think I meet people? Late nights at the bar? Psh, yeah right. I meet them on Instagram! Duh.

So perhaps just a year or two ago it seemed out of this world for people to meet online. Not only is the Internet growing as a dating platform (40M+ Americans use an online dating service), it's an incredibly powerful source to meet like-minded people like yourself! Instagram helped me connect with people that inspire me.

Before making the big move over, I followed a few people that I knew for sure I wanted to tag along on their adventures. I followed them for so long that I already felt like I knew them so well. Once I moved over and got all settled, we made plans to meet up. The first time I met @exploring_the_808, it was his birthday and he took me rappelling down some waterfalls. The first time I met @decook808, she took me on a crazy ass rock climbing hike. The first time I met @kailua_kat, we chased wild dolphins in the Pacific Ocean.

How did I do it? I just slide through the DM like, "hey girl, I'm @throughthebamboo and I want to swim with you and dem Dolphins, can I cruise?" And just like that, I was in. I met @kailua_kat the next day and we swam and swam; unfortunately, the dolphin pod decided to no show. Everything was chill and we moved on with our lives. The next week I had comp nights at Hyatt Regency Maui (I work for Hyatt so we get free nights whenever, wherever. Lucky, right?!). I had no one to go with so I hit @kailua_kat up like, "hey girl, let's take Maui." And just like that, she was in. We cruised day and night; chased waterfalls, broke trees for hammock shots, and drank Mai Tai's like there was no tomorrow.

The point of this post is to encourage you to open up your mind and live a little. Get out of your comfort zone. All these people that were once strangers are now good friends. If you like someone's path in life, align yourself with them and let them know they inspire you! You'll be surprised at how much that means to them. You never know, if you shoot them a DM and meet up for a fun adventure, that simple afternoon could turn into lifetime bestie/bridesmaid down the road. To this day, I've met over 10 of my friends in person directly from Instagram including @decook808 @exploring_the_808 @tiffpenguin @minayounglee @nolank808 @drrre.m @peakproject @adaebela, and from there a ton of mutual friends and that list goes on and on. Send the DM. It's not weird, I promise. If you never send, you’ll never know..

Meeting @decook808 for the first time, hiking my first insane hike.

Meeting @adabela for the first time, hiking to a giant waterfall

Meeting @exploring_the_808 for the first time, rappelling waterfalls.

Meeting @kailua_Kat & @drrre.m for the first time, we went dolphin hunting!

Meeting @tiffpenguin for the first time, I took her on a sketchy ass hike in a storm.

Meeting @nolank808 for the first time, he took us on a dope ass ridge hike.

Meeting @peakproject for the first time, I took her on the craziest hike of our lives. PC: @lizbarney

Meeting @minayounglee for the first time, she lead a group of us through the most epic hike of all time, Havasupai!