Three reasons you must visit Havasupai

Have you ever been to a place that truly feels like a figment of your imagination? A place that feels like a dreamy wonderland yet is a real as it gets? A place like that exists! For reals. And that place is Havasupai in Northern Arizona USA. I can try to explain the emotions that you feel when you see the falls for the first time but there are simply no words. It is UNREAL. The most beautiful place I’ve ever seen.


If you’ve seen pictures of this desert oasis, then you know exactly why it immediately jumped to the top of my list of places to visit. We camped at the hilltop and started our 10 mile trek to the Supai campgrounds at 2am. Havasupai is truly a special place. The pictures do absolutely no justice to its incredible atmosphere. I mean, lush green ferns, crystal blue waterfalls, and red rocky canyons. The contrast of color is unlike any other. Every turn just got getting better and better. You think you’ve had your mind blown and then 10 seconds later it’s blown again beyond your wildest imagination.


Never backpacked before? Always wanted to try? No problem! This was the first time I traveled with everything I needed that fit on my back. My pack weighted about 30lbs. (and this was being minimal!). I learned a lot on this trip. Every ounce counts. Number one mistake of first-time backpackers: Over-packing! A visit to Havasupai demands for planning ahead. Know what you’re going to bring (a post of my pack and gear is coming soon, stay tuned), what you’re going to sleep in, what you’re going to eat, etc. Remember, everything you bring is going to be carried on your back while you hike 10+ miles until you arrive at your camp spot. Choose wisely.


“Disconnect from what? I need my social media!” Well, kiss it goodbye because this place is so gorgeous that it ain’t got no time for people to be coming through and staring at their phone the whole time. Nah-uh honey. You need to keep your head up and your eyes open because you don’t want to miss a thing. Disconnecting from the outside world allows you to reconnect with humanity and nature. I sat on the edge of the red rock canyon staring at Mooney Falls’ fine ass writing in my journal. Documenting exactly how I felt at that exact moment. Breathing in the fresh air, and breathing out any negative vibes. Anything you ever stressed about is banned from Havasupai. It stayed in the car and probably died of heat stroke, duh. This place allows you to break free from the stress of day-to-day things and immerse yourself in nature. Did you know nature is the cure for anything and everything? All you need to do is step outside and let it do its thang.

Three reasons above; now three words: Go to Havasupai. Need more? Watch my video.